Land Rover ja Rover autojen lopussa olevien lyhenteiden merkitys ?

Näitä on löytynyt verkosta:
HSE - High Specification Edition.
SE - Standard Edition", ehkä? tai "Special Edition".

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So, let me get this straight... you're going to actually believe an automotive journalist? Don't you think that the people that actually manufacture the vehicle would know?
Listen, I'm not going to argue here, but if you think that I am the one that has succumbed to the urban myth... perhaps you should call Land Rover in the UK and ask them what it stands for. That would be an interesting call...
I have worked for Land Rover for many, many years... I have access to resources that most people don't... I have been to many, many Land Rover University classes all over the globe and have yet to find someone or something that has said or noted that SE stands for "Special Edition" and HSE stands for High-Specification Edition or anything else...
The acronyms and model descriptions of most vehicles mean nothing in most cases... they're just some letters that sound good to the marketing department! MDX? NSX? SLT? SRX? SL? CL? the list goes on...
Hey, I thought I knew what it stood for as well... but I had my ass handed to me by a very qualified instructor at the last school that I went to. I left red-faced...
Just my two cents here... and I don't want to piss anyone off. HSE does not stand for anything.


Lopputulos on että niillä EI ole mitään merkitystä, ainakin tämä herran mielestä. Kyseessä on aika ilmeisesti vaan ns. markkinointi juttu. 

Jos sinulla on asiasta lisää tietoa niin kerro siitä minullekin..